Advanced Manufacturing Atom Smashing, Semiconductor and Solar Vacuum Enclosures- SyncFab Tour of MDC Vacuum - BLOG

Advanced Manufacturing Atom Smashing, Semiconductor and Solar Vacuum Enclosures- SyncFab Tour of MDC Vacuum


February 15th, 2017 – SYNCFAB hosted a factory tour at the international headquarters of the co-winner of this year’s East Bay Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Award – MDC Vacuum in Hayward, CA alongside LAM Research the other co-winner. SyncFab was also honored with a nomination for the award. The Bay Area Manufacturing community was well represented by the group of attendees at the tour such that a spirited discussion was had on the future of local manufacturing and its dependence on the availability of a skilled local workforce.
Attendees included Mayor of Hayward City pro-tempe, Hayward Chamber of Commerce, Castro Valley High, Reshoring Institute, Chabot College Machine Tool Technology Outreach, CSCMP, Type A Machines, Columbia Specialty and more.

The company has product divisions around the world including their vacuum products division and headquarters in Hayward, California, their Insulator Seal (ISI) division in Sarasota, Florida, their Gas Delivery Products division in San Jose, California, and their MDC Europe division (MDC Vacuum Ltd) in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

The MDC product line has evolved against a backdrop of careful research and development as well as the implementation of the latest in automated manufacturing techniques. Multiple axis Mazak® CNC machining centers are at the heart of all metal machining operations at the Hayward, California facility. These sophisticated, robotically controlled machines are designed for continuous operation producing finished components from raw stainless steel. Engineering and design are routinely implemented using 3D Modeling/Solid-Works and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) computer work stations networked with one central system which is accessible to all production facilities. The main manufacturing facility, located in Hayward California, contains 107,000 square feet of manufacturing space.
MDC provides vacuum application engineered solutions for many industries:
Bio & Pharmaceutical
Clean Technology
General Industrial
Medical Devices
National Labs
Oil & Gas
Research & Development
We are a group of California based Supply Chain Buyers, Suppliers, and enlightened Designers, Engineers and Entrepreneurs with the understanding that sourcing locally is not only supportive of our local community but makes for more accurate prototyping, better production quality control and more environmentally responsible manufacturing. Our collaboration and solidarity empowers supply chain buyers, designers and engineers to return manufacturing home allowing for more intuitive efficient design around underutilized surplus local manufacturing capacity. Many Thanks to MDC Vacuum, the City of Hayward, the Hayward Chamber of Commerce and the East Bay EDA for this special arrangement and to all who were able to participate! The tour gave a whole new level of appreciation for the level of skilled workforce and coordinated fixed asset manufacturing investment needed to make our semiconductor industry operate smoothly in Silicon Valley!

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