Collaborate to Heaven: SyncFab Celebrates Tom Franco's Birthday Art Show & Rasa Caffe's Anniversary - BLOG

Collaborate to Heaven: SyncFab Celebrates Tom Franco’s Birthday Art Show & Rasa Caffe’s Anniversary


Saturday April 18, 2015 – We took a break from months of hard work and celebrated art, coffee, design and successful collaboration memorialized by Tom Franco’s Birthday Art Show and Rasa Caffe’s One Year Anniversary alongside SyncFab’s Innovation MicroHub in the Firehouse Micro Mall.
Tom Franco Rasa Mott Jeremy Goodwin
Preparations suitably began by setting up a life size birthday card as a fitting representation of the wonderful happenings that would unfold that evening. The two poodles on the card are Malibu and Dharma! And the black and white poodle you see are Coco and her lovely new friend who likes to wear her heart on her sleeve!
Tom Franco Birthday Card 2015
Tom took a moment with close friend Lachlan to enjoy his birthday card and bask in the expression of collective fondness for him on his special day.
Tom Franco Lachlan Forsyth
Meanwhile preparations continued in earnest busily setting up fitting displays for Tom’s collaborative artworks for the year.
Tom Franco Art Pieces
As the evening hour approached it was greeted with great excitement and anticipation from members of the community who flocked to show their support and enthusiasm.
Tom Franco SyncFabBetsy Franco – Tom’s Mom and Iris.
Betsy Franco
Juliette Fressinier the culinary genius behind Coconut Bird Organic Vegan Gluten Free Mousse presented Tom with this deliciously ornate birthday cake. Yum!!!
Tom Franco Birthday CakeJuliette Fressinier Cake
After the crowd had fully gathered, Tom addressed the group introducing his art and collaborative works with a candid account of his evolution as an artist during the course of the year expressing his gratitude to Julia Franco and others who contributed to his journey.
Tom Franco Birthday 2015 SyncfabTom Franco Collaborative Artwork
The Hillsdale High School instrumental band kicked off the musical entertainment for the first half of the evening session.
High School Band SyncFabHillsdale High School Band Hillsdale High School Students
Later just when we thought our musical entree had already been served we then learned that there was not just one but TWO Bands to play that night including the Sweet Bones who continued by serenading everyone with an acoustic punk rythym for the second half. What a tremendous night!
The Sweet Bones AcousticThe Sweet Bones
Rasa Caffe stayed open late that evening serving his exquisite new “Golden Latte,” Chai and Rasa Coffee. There was a constant flow of people going between the two spaces. Rasa Caffe has quickly established itself as a pillar in the local community serving as a testimonial to the timely development of South Berkeley’s Lorin District.
Rasa Caffe Tom Franco SyncFab
Rasa Caffe’s New Golden Latte! Rasa Caffe Golden Latte
In the later hours many of us came together and regrouped to revel in our happiness with the evenings turnout. Pictured: Ivy Avila, Jillie Spillie, Georgia Mowry, Tom Franco, Jeremy Goodwin, Lachlan Forsyth, Rory Terrell, Juliette Fressinier and David Mintim.
Tom Franco Birthday 2015
Although Lachlan and Rory have their eyes closed in this picture the smiles were too great not to post it! Cheers! Pictured: Dennis Delgado, Jeremy Goodwin, Tom Franco, Lachlan Forsyth and Rory Terrell.
Smiles Galore Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate! Happy Birthday Tom! Happy Birthday Rasa Caffe! We look forward to many many more to come!

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