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EnvisionTEC Hosts SyncFab Product Design Engineer Group Presentation and R&D Facility Tour


3d-printers Wednesday April 8, 2015 – EnvisionTEC is a widely-recognized pioneer in the BioPrinting technology space with their widely-used Bioplotter machine. EnvisionTEC is also a well established leader in high-resolution polymer 3D printing equipment which combine SLA (stereolitography) and DLP (digital light projection) that print at faster speeds than their FDM or Polyjet 3D Print technology counterparts. German-founded now American-owned and headquartered privately-held EnvisionTEC graciously hosted a presentation and R&D facility tour for a small group of professionals organized by SyncFab. EnvisionTEC SyncFab Group Tour Photo
Members of the SyncFab organized group included a Rand research associate, a hardware VC, a medical device company founder, the west coast manager of an international packaging robotics manufacturer, a 30 year metal tool and die fabrication facility owner, a water saving landscape solution company founder and a seasoned hardware design engineer amongst others who engaged with great questions. Our group was able to get the lowdown on the company and it’s products along with hints of its future plans while at the same time seeing first-hand the company’s regional production and R&D facilities.EnvisionTEC Hratch Gasparyan SyncFab Group PresentationThe Event was led by EnvisonTEC West Coast Regional Manager, Hratch, who gave an overview of the company’s 3 main prototyping platforms – 1) The Perfactory System starting at $10,000 and 2&3) the 3SP and Ultra Systems beginning at $40,000John Hartner COO EnvisionTEC hosts SyncFabEnvisonTEC COO – John was also in attendance and addressed the group’s questions about company investment in material R&D for the EnvisionTEC platform and the comprehensive approach they use to incorporate in-depth process knowledge to the application of material research, product usage and process optimization.John Hartner COO EnvisionTECHratch discussed the application of varying EnvisionTEC platforms amongst different user bases and underlined the economic appeal of the perfactory system to the educational sector for their lessened consumable requirements limited to build plate and material replacement at an annual cost of around $1000. Here is a brief Video of his Discussion of this:

He continued with a display of prototype parts printed from the EnvisionTEC machines. Hratch Gasparyan EnvisionTEC hosts SyncFabSample Parts illustrating the multi-layer unique shape and high resolution capabilities were shared with the group for discussion. EnvisionTEC SyncFab Tour Sample DisplayEnvisionTEC Distributor – Imaging 3 Vice President – Scott, distributes the sample parts to our group.Scott Crain EnvisionTEC for SyncFab
EnvisionTEC currently sets the standard for the jewelry design, custom dentistry and assistive hearing device prototyping markets at about 60% market share.
EnvisionTEC Sample 1
EnvisionTEC Dental and Jewelry Prototype Samples
EnvisionTEC Dental and Jewlery Prototype closeup
With their multi-layer high resolution capabilities the company is making new initiatives to service more of the automotive and aviation industries.
EnvisionTEC Multilayer Mesh Closeup
Glauco Carretti Marchesini Group EnvisionTEC SyncFab Tour
Glauco – Western Regional Manager for a European Packaging Automation Robotics Manufacturer asked a question about prototyping robotic components. Another good question was asked by Steve – a 30 year veteran Tool & Die Fabricator regarding the variance capability of speed and resolution tradeoff for interior versus exterior surfaces in the software driven print process.
David Schuster Propulsion Capital and Leslie Karpas metamason and Glauco Carretti of Marchesini Group attends SyncFab Tour of EnvisionTEC
Leslie – Founder of a Patient Customized Sleep Disorder Medical Device Manufacturer asked a question about EnvisonTEC’s views on competing emerging technology print speeds and resolution to which Hratch responded that EnvisionTEC technology is capable of printing at speeds 2-3x faster than their FDM or Projet counterparts as they do not need to perform the extra step of slicing the top layer and he also highlighted the material and cost savings associated with that. Hratch did not comment on the “Terminator 2” inspired machine which is currently a hot topic in the news even before any machines have been sold or tested in the market. Although someone in the group did comment that “a TED talk is very different from a viable and market-proven industry solution.” EnvisionTEC is also developing new platforms for the future with 90 registered patents worldwide and 3 new patent applications each month according to their website.
David Schuster Propulsion Capital and Leslie Karpas of metamason attend SyncFab Tour of EnvisionTEC
Following conclusion of the presentation our Group was led “behind the curtain” to view the R&D facility up close and personal.
EnvisionTEC SyncFab Group Presention Concludes
Our group was given a guided tour of the facility and a first hand explanation of the printing component technology in action with particular mention of the top-down build process and such high resolution part building capabilities that imperfect 3d model line pixelation abnormalities becoming visible emphasizing the need for matching quality high resolution 3d models.SyncFab Group EnvisionTEC R and D Facility Tour 1
The company and demand for their systems are growing so rapidly that they plan to expand into adjacent facilites triple the current size.
SyncFab Group EnvisionTEC R and D Facility Tour
From this point onward we were asked not to take pictures – so you really needed to be there! As a consolation we agreed to reorganize another tour following completion of their expansion – exciting!
Envisiontec Exterior
The exterior view – you have no idea what is behind those gates! Next time come along!

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