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MIT: Air Force 1 Boeing 747-767 Fuselage 2mm Tin Skins Factory Tour


April 28, 2016 – SYNCFAB hosted MIT CSC on a private guided tour of the 1.6 million square feet facility equipped with 2.5 miles of internal rail on a 50 acre site which delivered ALL 1,500+ fuselage shipsets for the Boeing 747 aircraft including every Air Force One. Boeing 767 and Embraer have also been made here.MIT SYNCFAB Air Force 1 Fuselage Group
The Hawthorne Triumph Vought Aircraft Division is the site where aviation pioneer Jack Northrop started Northrop Aircraft in 1939 and a proud hallmark of the American Aerospace manufacturing industry in Southern California.
SYCNCFAB Triumph Vought Aircraft Hawthorne
The factory also fabricates the 2mm tin skin fuselage enclosures which insulate passengers at 30,000 feet.
Boeing 747 2mm tin skin fuselage
This is a detailed 3D Print to scale of the fuselage illustrating an interior view of the 747 assembled skeletal structure.
Boeing-747 Fuselage 3D Print
The middle of the fuselage structure has skeletal reinforcement. Good to know at 30,000 feet!
SyncFab Boeing-747 Fuselage 3D Print
The main cabin and cargo hull 3D prints are separated and join together in the middle for better illustration.
3d printed Boeing-747
Photography was not allowed inside the actual fabrication facility – so you will need to attend our next tour if you want to see it! Processes covered included: Stretch Forming, Brake Forming and Machining, Precision Trim and Drill Cell (POGO Machine), Hot and Cold Metal-to-Metal Bonding, Stringer Digital Drill Cells, Fuselage Skin Processing, Auto Fastening, Final Assembly and Panel Transportation.
MIT hawthorne rail yard
At the end of the tour the MIT group gathered where the finished 2.5 mile assembly line meets a dedicated railway for transportation to Boeing headquarters in Washington.
Anu MIT SyncFabThe facility used to span all the way from Crenshaw to Prairie and was hidden under miles of simulated farmland tarp during WW2 to protect the operation but we were fortunate enough to get assigned parking!
SyncFab TriumphMany Thanks to Triumph Group for this special arrangement and to all who were able to participate! The tour gave a whole new level of appreciation for the Boeing 747 which most of us have flown at some point. The site was also adjacent to Hawthorne Airport and SpaceX so who knows where our next stop may take us as we delve further into the landscape of modern American manufacturing!

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