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Made in California Series: MIT & NFTE Greater LA Tour EnvisionTEC


Thursday July 30, 2015 – German-founded now American-owned and headquartered privately-held EnvisionTEC graciously hosted a presentation and R&D facility tour for a small group of MIT and NFTE Alumni organized by SyncFab. EnvisionTEC has around 90 patents worldwide protecting their Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printing technology from Texas Instruments. Their customers include Disney, Ford, P&G, Kraft, Bvlgari, and Cartier. In a case study presented by the Company, Novartis evaluated their printer for a medical implant application against similar 3D printer offerings from 3D Systems, Stratasys, and Objet and settled on EnvisionTEC. In addition to its bio-printing offering, EnvisionTEC’s broad product line of 3D printers targets many other industry applications including jewelry, dental, and hearing aids which they claim to hold 60% of the market share in. MIT NFTE LA Tour EnvisionTEC with SyncFab
EnvisionTEC is a well established market leader in high-resolution polymer 3D printing equipment which combine SLA (stereolitography) and DLP (digital light projection) that print at faster speeds than their FDM or Polyjet 3D Print technology counterparts. The level of resolution is so high that flaws in CAD files can be seen when printed. Materials and machine maintenance were discussed in addition to IP considerations with the public sharing of CAD files coupled with growing accessibility for 3D scanning of consumer products.
The company has a diverse product line of 6 printer families with 22 different 3D printers targeting various applications.
envisiontec dental
The Perfactory Micro DDP printer targets dental applications with 10 crowns per build. The Perfactory Desktop Aureus is their best selling machine for customized jewelry.
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The desktop PixCera is for small dental labs and can print up to 20 copings, crowns and up to 7 unit bridges in 2 hours. The Company’s Ultra 3Dent printer for dental applications claims it is at least 2 times faster than any competitive product on the market today.
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Although not produced at the California facility – EnvisionTEC is also the recognized pioneer in the BioPrinting technology space with their widely-used Bioplotter machine which has been sold commercially since 2001 and is currently installed in many research universities, labs, and hospitals worldwide.
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According to a report published by the UC Berkeley College of Engineering, the 3D-Bioplotter can print using a much broader range of biomaterials than Organovo’s NovoGen MMX: “Like Organovo’s NovoGen MMX, the Bioplotter prints bio-ink ’tissue spheroids’ and supportive scaffold materials including fibrin and collagen hydrogels. However, the Bioplotter can also print a wider range of biomaterials, including biodegradable polymers and ceramics that may be used to support and form artificial organs and to serve as bio-printed substitutes for bone.”
EnvisionTEC Scott Crain
NFTE Greater LA Alums in attendance were Hugo Gonzalez, Rudy Sanchez and Jose Garcia. Jose Garcia, CEO & Founder of The Strand Candles is starting his junior year at Loyola Marymount University this Fall, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business Entrepreneurship. He completed the NFTE program at Environmental Charter High School, and launched his first business HOPE Apparel as part of NFTE’s 2014 Startup Summer program.
NFTE Greater LA Program Manager, Monique Villa, commented on the visit: “the format was very conducive to bridging the gap between young and more seasoned minds. It was truly special to see multiple generations all fascinated by the possibilities of 3D technologies.” Thank You EnvisionTEC, MIT and NFTE for helping SyncFab to make this such a worthwhile event providing insight and inspiration to young aspiring entrepreneurs in California.

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