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Clean Biodegradable Plastic! SYNCFAB Host MIT Tour of Mango Materials Facility at Silicon Valley Clean Water


August 18, 2016 – SYNCFAB hosted MIT Alumni for a private discussion tour with Mango Materials CEO, Molly Morse and Co-Founder, Anne Schauer-Gimenez at their Silicon Valley Clean Water based pilot production facility. Mango Materials was established in 2010 and received their first round of funding in 2011.
First Peek! Side by Side PHA Organisms, PHB Powder and Pelletized PHB Bioplastic samples:
Our group consisted mostly of PhDs so the Tour began with a technical overview of the chemistry of Mango Materials Bioplastic production.
The distinctions between BIODEGRADABLE, BIOBASED and BIOPLASTIC were made clear at the outset. Mango Materials Biodegradable Plastic is all of these and NON-GMO.
Mango Materials transforms waste methane into biodegradable plastics that are economically and functionally competitive with oil-based plastics.
Mango Materials plastic production process captures methane and feeds it to bacteria producing FHA whose byproduct, FHB, is a biodegradable plastic.
Once that product is no longer needed, the PHA will break down in a microbial rich environment producing methane which can be turned back into PHA with Mango Materials’ cradle-to-cradle process.
Standard plastics are convenient and ubiquitous in everyday life but traditionally manufactured from oil, a non-renewable resource. At the end of their useful lives, few plastics are actually recycled and therefore persist in landfills or oceans for thousands of years. SYNCFAB Mango Materials MIT
The build up of non-biodegradable plastic in the environment harms ecosystems and pollutes natural resources. Additionally, methane, a potent GHG, is produced in excess by WWTPs, landfills, agricultural facilities, and industries.
Mango Materials Pitch Slide
Our group was presented the alternate view with plastic substitute PHB.
With the conclusion of the technical overview our group was then given a behind the scenes tour of the inner operation!
Silicon Valley Clean Water Control Board
Of which we were only permitted photos of the outer perimeter!
SYNCFAB Mango Materials MIT
The outer perimeter provided a nice birds-eye view but you had to be there to see the real operation!
SYNCFAB Mango Materials MIT Tour
Many Thanks to Mango Materials for this special arrangement and to all who were able to participate! The tour gave a whole new level of appreciation for the chemistry that goes into producing an environmentally friendly product! Join us on our next tour – who knows where our next stop may take us as we delve further into the landscape of modern American manufacturing!
Silicon Valley Clean Water SYNCFAB Biodegradable Mango Materials MIT

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