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Molding the Future – SYNCFAB Tour of General Foundry in San Leandro


August 16th, 2016 – SYNCFAB hosted it’s sixth and Grand Finale summer event with the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the City of San Leandro & San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Innovation STIR program for a private guided tour of the only foundry offering five complementary casting processes, 16 CNCs, and 69 years of casting expertise since 1946 in the East Bay!
SYNCFAB Casting Molding Factory Tour
General Foundry’s Keith presents a cast mold positive:
General Foundry 1
Foundry workers ladeling molten metal:
General Foundry 9
The Tour began with an overview of noteworthy precision parts and projects:

Starting as a foundry supplier, patenting multiple parts still used in today’s foundries, General Foundry has been an industry leader since inception and is the ONLY foundry to offer 5 complementary casting processes (in-house):
General Foundry 2
General Foundry 3
-AIR-SET SAND (no-bake)
General Foundry 4
General Foundry 5
General Foundry 6
-INVESTMENT (lost wax)
General Foundry 7
Entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, supply chain professionals and members of the community networked with one another and interacted with shopfloor foundry workers:
General Foundry 10
From prints, to prototypes, to production General Foundry provides a best in class turn-key solution with in-house pattern-making, secondary machining, surface finishing, and QC inspection.
General Foundry 12
General Foundry’s Keith explained the casting process from the shopfloor!

Many Thanks to General Foundry, the City of San Leandro, the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce for this special arrangement and to all who were able to participate! The tour gave a whole new level of appreciation for aluminum and zinc molding and casting along with design for manufacture!
General Foundry 8

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