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West Coast Largest Mechanical Apparatus Repair Facility Tour – Koffler Electric


July 26, 2016 – SYNCFAB hosted it’s fourth event with the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the City of San Leandro & San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Innovation STIR program for a private tour of the largest repairer and refurbisher of electrical mechanical apparatus on the West Coast for over 30 years!
SyncFab Koffler Electric Mechanical
What an incredible turnout we had with members from CalTrans, EJ Gallo & MIT with fellow entrepreneurs, designers, engineers and supply chain professionals touring Koffler Electrical Mechanical all together!
SyncFab Koffler Tour 1
When our group first entered the facility in position was a GIANT ship motor which was being repaired and rewound.
Koffler Electric Giant Motor Repair
The group later gathered around a Giant tank…
Koffler Wax Vat…in which the wound motors are dipped in wax.
Koffler Giant Vat
As the tour continued to special purpose mechanical repair rooms…
Koffler Repair Room
Charlie discussed the history of Koffler Electrical Mechanical from it’s inception to how it grew to become the largest on the West Coast…
Dale was also on hand to discuss the repair of water pump motors for the City of Las Vegas…
Optimized-IMG_20160726_091142 And as we toured the facility there were signs of East Bay allegiance…
Optimized-IMG_20160726_084321all around…
Optimized-IMG_20160726_084330And then we ended up outside…IMG_20160726_091519Where components of Giant Utility…
Optimized-IMG_20160726_091431and Amusement Park pumps were being overhauled…Optimized-IMG_20160726_091211
Many Thanks to Koffler Electric, the City of San Leandro, the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce for this special arrangement and to all who were able to participate! The tour gave a whole new level of appreciation for giant pumps, giant motors and giant mechanical repair! Photos are not typically allowed inside private facilities so if you want to see for yourself be sure to sign up for our next tour! Who knows where our next stop may take us as we delve further into the landscape of modern American manufacturing in the San Francisco STIR Program this summer 2016!

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