SyncFab Berkeley Innovation Hub Preparation

#DESIGNLOCAL #MAKELOCAL #GOUSA #SYNCFAB has been spending a lot of time commuting between Berkeley and Santa Monica with the aim to linking Northern and Southern California Design talent and Manufacturing Prowess to drive a coming resurgence in locally made goods. The Firehouse Art Collective and the Berkeley community have been very supportive of SyncFab’s mission. We are excited about our … Continue reading SyncFab Berkeley Innovation Hub Preparation

CADSYNC Design Manager

SYNCFAB will fulfill your custom design needs through our growing community of academic and professional artists, industrial designers and product engineers. California has the highest concentration of and serves as the Mecca for Globally Competitive Creative Talent. iPhones are designed in California and soon a portion of them maybe produced domestically as well. German and Japanese luxury car companies … Continue reading CADSYNC Design Manager