SyncFab launches Track and Trace Tokenization Solution for OEM Parts Recall and Inventory Management in Aerospace, Automotive and Medical — another Commercial Industry First

SyncFab OEM Parts Blockchain Track and Trace

SyncFab has just launched our OEM Parts Traceability Blockchain Application following up on our recently released OEM Parts Tokenization Application. These two solutions combine to form a comprehensive commercial solution for OEM parts Provenance, Recall & Inventory Management in Medical, Aerospace and Automotive. SyncFab continues to lead the industry for development and application of commercial enterprise blockchain solutions for industrial manufacturing. EXPLAINER VIDEO

SyncFab Blockchain OEM Parts Recall

Transparency for Track and Trace and Parts Recalls

By tokenizing a part, this brings much-needed transparency and traceability to stakeholders in the supply chain. Participants are able to track the movement of the tokens/product through every stage of the supply chain from procurement, production, quality inspection, assembly, distribution and supporting data as close as real-time as possible based on predefined points of authentication. Should a problem arise with a product’s development, recalled parts can be tracked, traced, isolated and mitigated.

Quality Control and PLM History

When tokenizing parts, quality and manufacturing details about your part are safely and securely stored in an immutable record on the blockchain, allowing organizations to control quality and maintain a complete PLM (product lifecycle management) history of your parts and tracking insights.

This feature is yet another industry-first move by SyncFab’s manufacturing blockchain. To realize the benefits of blockchain technology custom-built for the manufacturing industry including parts tokenization for anti-fraud, recall mitigation, track and trace, and supply chain transparency in your organization, get in touch with SyncFab for implementation and customization. Or register on the SyncFab Manufacturing Platform and start tokenizing parts today.

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